Mindy Meng Wang is a versatile Chinese/Australian Composer and Guzheng Performing Artist. Her cross-cultural life and professional experience create her unique style, which has been influenced by Chinese classical and western contemporary music. She excels in experimental and improvisation and her long-term vision is to create a deeper and reciprocal musical connection between Australia and China. 

Mindy has studied the Guzheng in China with leading masters since the age of seven and started giving solo performances at the age of ten. In 1999, she set up a major flood charity concert and featured on Gansu TV. She subsequently lived and studied in the UK and graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a BA (Hons) in Music (2006). 

In 2008, she was awarded “Hull Sinfonietta’s Young International artist of the year”. In 2008 and 2009, she toured Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and France. She also performed in many significant festivals, shows and venues in London (including O2 Arena/Gorillaz, Tate Modern), Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester and many other cities in the UK. 

Mindy had been very active in Australia since 2011: She collaborated with MAV on various projects including performances at: The Melbourne Town Hall; The Melbourne Recital Centre; the Melbourne Convention Centre (5th World Summit of Culture and Arts), the Mapping Melbourne Festival 2013/2015. 

In 2015, Mindy collaborated with Shanghai sound artist MHP and premier dance company CHIUCOX for a sold out season of a contemporary dance show called “Do you speak Chinese” (Dance Massive 2015), which has been resident and developed in the Malthouse Melbourne, Footscary Arts Centre, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and in Shanghai. The same year in Shanghai, Mindy held a concert that has been commissioned by the Shanghai International Festival; she performed at the landmark-Power Station of Arts, at the Shanghai Rockbund Arts Museum and at the Doland Museum. 

In 2016, she has been invited to perform with Australian band Regurgitator at NGV to as the close performance for Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei’s exhibition. She was the only artist invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the Chinese Consulate in South Australia. She was also invited to perform at the Premier’s Gala Dinner in February and she collaborated with David Shea and Speak Percussion on a commissioned piece by Adelaide International Festival 2016. 

Later in the same year, she collaborated with Erik Griswold, Peter Knight and the AAO at the Art Music Awards (August 2016). In October 2016, she appeared at the Shanghai Festival, composing and performing a commissioned multimedia show. In December 2016, she performed at the Mapping Melbourne Festival with Peter Knight on an experimental duet. 

In January 2017, she performed at Sydney festival and MONA FOMA, including touring with Regurgitator and new collaborations including CelIF-first neuron synthesizer, Nadia Ratsimandresy and Okkyung Lee. She delivered different performances for AsiaTOPA 2017, Which includes composition and performances for a contemporary Australian dance show called “Trace of beginning”, and a collaborated with David Shea and Speak Percussion at MRC. In August, she toured Australian with Australia Art Orchestral, she appeared at Darwin festival and Brisbane festival, In September, she premiered her first chamber orchestral composition piece “Cocoon” for AAO at OzAsia festival, which has been funded by Australia Council of Arts and Creative Victoria. In October, she performed three sold out concerts at Port Ferry Festival, and she has composed for an Australian and Chinese collaborated modern dance and performed at Shanghai international festival 2017. 

In 2018, Mindy was commissioned by China Shanghai International Arts Festival and funded by Australian council to compose “The Silk Road Project”. This work has been performed at CSIAF in Shanghai/China and Malthouse in Melbourne/Australian. In the middle of the year, she presented three different works in Dark MOFO, which included a new collaboration with influential heavy metal artist Striborg, a solo performance at MONA, and several different performances at Winter Feast. In November her guzheng and digeridoo duet was selected by Alibaba and sent to a satellite in space to broadcast around earth in “music and love in space program”. She also explored technology and Guzheng and created a new work for OzAsia Festival with electronic musician Joelistics and Cello player Francesca Mountfort. In December, She started collaboration with song writer and singer Sui Zhen and performed at Mpavilion. She was also invited to compose and record for record label Bedroomsuck in “Music in Exile” project. Last but not least, she co-curated and produced an international music and dance program for Mapping Melbourne 2019, in which that she was collaborating with SCIAF, Beijing contemporary dance company, MAV and Malthouse theatre. 

In 2019, She performed several times at NGV, Australian Open, a sold-out concert at PlayOn, and she performed in three different program in MONA FOMA. She also produces Australian Arts Orchestra’s performance in Shanghai international festival. Mindy also worked with VMDO and hosted an featured panel discussion and industrial meetings on Melbourne Music Week. She also brought two performances to OzAsia Festival, one of them was the featured performance for Moon Lantern festival where she performed for 40,000 audiences. 

In 2020, Mindy developed a multi artform work for AsiaTOPA, where she uses the ancient Asian art forms to trigger human emotions and Artificial intelligent read audience’s mind and emotional statues. This project is was also featured as showcase in Australian Performing Arts Market and sold out for three weeks. Later in the year, Mindy is developing some works with Jazz Master Paul Grabowsky, Ensemble Offspring and a performance for TEDx Sydney.


Mindy is the pioneer to bring Guzheng into many western genres such as experimental, Jazz, western classical, Electronic and improvisation. Mindy’s work explores the fertile space between traditional and contemporary practices, she creates a strong voice for young female composers/artist of Chinese heritage. She is an important part of a significant movement of Chinese musicians redefining and reinvigorating their musical tradition on the global stages.